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Bitcoin (Bitcoin) has become the talk of the hour in recent months, in fact it has been the talk of the town on an economic and technological level since its emergence and popularity.

How not to be the talk of the hour, and it is an amazing invention that is resonating at the global economic level.

In recent months, the bitcoin currency has gained extraordinary notoriety after the price of one bitcoin rose to almost twenty thousand dollars.


In fact, this didn’t last long because about 10 days ago, Bitcoin experienced a sudden catastrophic decline.

Bitcoin price reached around $39,000.

From there, the price curve began to climb again, trying to recover from the crushing shock it had recently suffered.


What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin (Bitcoin) is one of the cryptocurrencies or encrypted digital currencies (cryptocurrency) that has no physical balance on site. It is known that the money issued by countries has a gold balance.


As far as bitcoin is concerned here, it is a completely independent currency that has no gold balance and does not have any physical presence on site in any way.

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency that is not governed by any particular centralized system or country.


This means that Bitcoin represents an independent financial system that works in a peer-to-peer manner with no intermediaries between traders.


In the financial system recognized in all countries of the world, money circulation occurs at the largest level in accordance with the policies of countries through banks.


As for the bitcoin system, there is no intermediary where you can transfer any amount of money from your wallet to another person directly, instantly and with almost no commission.

Bitcoin is a crypto or encrypted currency, which means that the personal details of an owner of this currency are not made public.





How did Bitcoin come about and in what year

Satoshi Nakamoto is the name behind the creation of Bitcoin, it is an unknown name and the identity of this name is not yet known.

It can be the name of a real person, or a pseudonym for a person or group of people, or even a pseudonym for a project started by a company or a country.


Is Bitcoin a Unique Currency

Bitcoin is the first digital currency of its kind, but not the only one: many other digital currencies appeared after the advent of Bitcoin.

Among the best known and most important of them are:








What are the ways to get bitcoin


It is a system built by super fast computers with special specifications. Aiming at solving some complex math equations and problems.


When these transactions are completed, the system gives you bitcoins and you can add them to your account or personal wallet.


By people holding bitcoin balances:


You can get bitcoin credit by buying it from any of the people or brokers that work in this field.

Or you can get it by selling products or providing services to others and make Bitcoin the payment method.

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